Have you ever felt lost with Adwords?

I’ve faced this situation many times. But by avoiding some of the common mistakes I gained the trust again.

Undoubtedly Adwords is an incredible way to bring your marketing campaign to the relevant people – moreover, for many of them, it is responsible for more than 90% of their sale.

However, for some people Adwords can become the prompt way to lose money. In many cases, those who are not completely aware of AdWords, tend to commit some simple mistakes but not always.

Adwords, SEM

In this write-up, we’re exploring the ways to avoid these mistakes and what you should do in its place. We are talking about both Display network and Search network

  1. Selecting the right and placements

Before we start, it’s good to mention that if you do not get desirable results following below mentioned tips with Search Network ad, you can change to Display Network.

You are thinking why, right? One of the reputed brands did the same and achieved a 50% lower CPA, on implementing Display Network compared to the result obtained by the Search Network. Well, when you want to get a 10% conversion at least, you must know to target your ads effectively.

In case of Display Ads, targeting can be more effective by choosing the correct keywords, ad copy and placements in order to improve the quality score. You can opt for other targeting options, you can get the better conversion rates by using these targeting ways.

When you create an ad focusing on a particular keyword list, you’re selecting to display your ads on webpages that will have keywords you have chosen. When ads are created on placements, you are opting to get your ads seen on websites or webpages that you choose. Placement targeting can be very effective. Like Hungry Fish implemented targeting for placement to get its ads shown on for 2, 5000 related websites. Choosing the correct keywords and placements can be complicated. Best to your rescue Google provides a useful tool that can be utilized to set the ads rightly.

Google Display Planner is the tool. To take the help of it you have to log into Google Adwords Account and then choose the option ‘Display Planner.’

Then you can find the given page below.

Here, you have to type in some information, based on the niche of your online business. It’s a good idea to enter a broad search term with a relevant keyword.

After that in the shown section you have to insert the information, depending on the niche of your business. It always advisable to use a broader match or border search term by using the relevant keyword.

For providing an example in this write-up, I am supposing that I’m targeting my ad copy for the ‘real estate’ community – so I can search the ‘real estate’.

Note: You may also use your landing page URL for getting the right selection of keywords. Sometimes it may be lead to less relevant keyword and placement ideas.

When you take the help of the Keyword Planner, confirm that you select the right location, as this can disturb data. After providing the related information, click on ‘Get ad group ideas.’

Then you can see the image section below.



You can see in the image that provides us with some interesting information associated, which can help you to target your keywords.

We can now see some ad group ideas.

If you click on any of these ad groups, you can get a list of relevant keyword that you can easily target. As I said previously, you can also see some demographics and device data provided, but only for the particular ad group.

The keyword list gets sorted based on relevance, helping you to know the most appropriate keywords that can most likely result in high conversion rate.

Preferably, you will like to choose the keywords that can provide maximum impression. This will make it simpler for to double down, and have a successful marketing campaign in your hands.

And if you want to see the keywords for each ad group on a single page, go to the previous or the first page and click on the term ‘Individual targeting ideas’

Selecting keywords through this process may need some more effort

You can see that a keyword can appear related in the eyes of Google, but achieve you less ROI. For example ‘flats for Melbourne’ will generate, in context to search engine result it will generate.

Now, let’s take a look on finding placements.

To get the information about target ad placements, you need to click on the ‘placements’ Tab

When you do that, you’re given with a list of sites, Mobile apps and Videos. Which can be used as placements for your campaign.

  1. To start with, emphasize on ‘Sites.’

As the other given options will need optimization of your marketing campaign to fit every form of advertising. A simple landing page, for example, may not be interesting for someone who checks it through from a mobile app.

Note: You must gradually ensure that your website is mobile optimized, as mobile shopping searches on Google has risen by 30%. And by clicking on ‘Individual targeting ideas,’ you can separate each placement form.

When you see a Display Planner, you can click on the arrows towards the right side of a placement and this will help you to save the data. If you use this method then you can click on ‘Download,’ as to save your data and insert it when you ready to set up your ad campaign.

Note: Ignore the forcast section, as it made on estimates. These numbers don’t actually represent have to spend or obtain with your campaign.

  1. Setting up unappealing ads

As display ad is a display oriented marketing campaign process, it is significant that you take ample of time to make that are attractive and click-worthy.

And the simplest thing you can do in this context to you can add call-to-action in your image.

Note: Google is not very liberal with over aggressive words used in the call-to-action of your ads.

This is because, most of the time you will not be able to say something similar to ‘click here,’ Though you can use terms like ‘shop now’ or ‘know here’. You can even use Power Words in the beginning of your call-to-action like ‘Discount’, ‘Offer’, ‘Free.’


Adwords, SEM

  1. If you have something unique to offer – mention it


You can question yourself what can appeal to your audiences. Do they care about quality? Or it is the price?


An example will make it clear to you.


Get Flats at Affordable rates

3BHK with all amenities

Personalized gyms and Advanced medical facilities


  1. Not knowing about split test

Split Test, SEM

Split testing is a necessary aspect, when you want a successful Google Ad campaign or setting ad for any other platform. And this is so significant that you should keep doing as many times as you create a new ad. This is because traffic can be unpredictable sometimes, you can sparingly guarantee. So the simple way to maintain the ad quality score and increase the chance of success with Google AdWords is through the split test.


Adwords is an amazing way to get relevant traffic for your online venture within hours, traffic who can turn into customers that gives you sales. Though it can result in you losing your money too, in hours but we have created this write-up in order to help you create incredible ads avoiding mistakes that are made by people while running an ad campaign.

You can take a look at your ad campaign for reconsideration and better performance using the tips provide in the write-up.

Do write us if you have any more suggestion on Adwords in the section below.

Good Luck!