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Do you want more traffic just by writing content?

I know you want. Here’s how you can do it.

Content. Traffic. Sales.

These are the three things that you need to make your business successful online. Any other metric is not important like your content marketing strategy.

The best part is they or all interrelated: the most informative, relevant content you put on your website, the more you increase the number of traffic and sales. Hence, be it a B2B or B2C enterprise you need to create epic content. As per the State of Inbound, 41% of content marketers have a view that their contents are giving them a return on investment (ROI).

This is an article to help my readers better their content marketing planning and implementation. This will support them to generate organic traffic, generate leads and raise the sales.

Most of the time you can use insights to make your content genuine and easily graspable. The correct type of content will definitely grab the attention of the viewers, invite traffic, more engagement culminating to conversion. In my case, when I implement any insight into my content and get a good result, I promptly change it into a follow-able strategy

In this article specifically, you will come across 6 strategies that will guide to create smart content that will be engaging to enhance your business. To give your audience a rich experience, your content should contain what your readers or audiences want to know and how it can make their lives easier. And will provide answers to the queries that they might be searching for in your content.

  1. Match the writing tone to that of the target audience

The ‘tone’ which I am talking about here is the quality of writing that will enrich your content. You can be formal, informal, friendly, ironic, humorous, playful, etc. The proper understanding of the tone of writing will make your content stand out in the crowd. Many of the content makers ignore these components as they create it in an SEO-oriented way but doing this will definitely add flavor to your creation.

In simpler terms tone is the writers take towards the topic, it is understandable by the selection of words, the language will make you guess the attitude and tone can be deduced with the implemented descriptive words.

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A common reason among others for people failing to entice readers is they don’t pay heed to the use of their tone. So, people click on the headings and leave.

Though your overall writing may not be bad, the way your present does matter and gives your writing the value deserved. The reason for writing is to encourage the audiences and to inspire them through your content.

Never try to show that you are very educated and well-informed you are in your given subject. Have you ever thought why there are not many university professors who have their books as bestsellers? The prime reason is writing an educational or academic write up can be dry and complex. They have great content but not matching strategy.

Like bestselling fictions and nonfictional books in any way are not similar in writing to academic works – and neither your content should. It is better to use general English terms in place of using the words like ‘flabbergasted,’ use ‘astonished or amazed’. Don’t even think of ‘ubiquitous’ – just settle with ‘everywhere’.

A proper content writer should always write the way he or she speaks. The communicating process is loved by the readers, it will give the feel of just like you are conversing with them. Allow your tone and presentation bring the target traffic closer to you.

Don’t be afraid to experiment, but, be creative while making the content strategy. A simple instance is Taplin, the creator of ‘BlogTyrants’, addresses his audiences ‘Tyrants’. You can see the positive impact on the search engine results too.

Especially for Blogs

As a common rule, never use a formal tone for blog posts. Audiences don’t go through blogs or web content for getting intelligent. They look for the information or answers to their queries. Try to interest them will innovative content strategy.

  1. Share relevant third-party data and explain it

Third-party data is the information that you can find in blogs of the various subject. Online publications like ebooks, courses, videos etc. The data is not directly provided by you so you must use it carefully. But it can be strong strategy specifically if you are a newbie in this industry.

For a long time, writers have been searching for a simple formula that can help them craft creative content that can lead to conversion. Curating is a good technique while that can be informative for the audience.

But, I can suggest you something better.

Do you think writers read more books, also those which are not related to their niche? As they want to enhance their knowledge to compose a better write-up and get innovative ideas also.  So you can of course practice this.

  1. Write from a single audience perspective

While we read a content we do it only ourselves, we don’t call friends for that. So it is most likely you also read it alone.

Thinking from the same perspective, you have to visualize one person as your reader for your write-up. It is just the representation of all the persons that will read it.

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How do you read content online? Do you read a blog post when you’re by yourself, or do you call your friends to join you? Chances are, like the rest of us, you read alone. Some touch of personalization is always a welcome thing for the audience and it’s a fast way to get a distinctness from the rest.

  1. Use the reviews or feedbacks in your write-up.

Data and stats allow us to take a look at insights of what our consumers want from us. But sometimes don’t you feel like getting the answers from the customers’ side? This is called the review or feedback that user provides.

One of the significant features of an enticing and compelling content is relevance. Your content must be relevant to the target audience. And integrating the feedbacks increases the reliability.

  1. Use of visual or images can improve your content’s comprehensibility.

We know that human mind perceives images 50% better than text and has got more memorability too.

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Best social media platforms like Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram are popular because mainly the form of content you see in them are pictures in formats of video, GIF and more that interests people the most to share, download, upload and like.

Images make the target audience happy and are a great content strategy. An image can say your message before the text can do and together can really be appealing to the viewers.