Do you know the source of your website traffic?

If you’re depending on the visitors you get organically, that is, through Google search, your top priority should be search engine optimization (SEO).

Search Engine Optimization

You can’t get leads if people can’t reach you or know your brand.

It will be helpful for you to know 93% of the people start using the internet for searching. When you make a search there is 33% of chance of your website getting clicked if it ranks in the top results.

This simply implies that if you are not among the top names, you lose about one-third of your prospective traffic. What’s more surprising is more than 70% of users will even not bother to go to the second search result page.

The reason behind this lag is the other businesses are making effective efforts to rank better than others.

Well, it’s better late than never, you can get started right away.

There are few things that can help you to get into the top ranks on Google searches. Here we are listing top 6 ways. Have a look at it.

  1. Decrease your page loading time

Load Time Optimition, SEO

Page loading speed is one of the most significant reasons. Primarily, when your website takes longer to load, Google will know this and will affect your ranking badly.

But not only this, it will also impact the number of visitors and engagement on your web pages.

What is the slow actually?

Various digital reports show that more than 35% of visitors leave the website if it takes more than 3 seconds to load. What’s astonishing is 80% of those people won’t again return to your website.

This is pathetic for the SEO ranking as it finally cuts off traffic to your website. But on the other side when your website is fast you get more visitors and they become loyal too.

Google’s algorithm can easily understand the popularity of your website and will pay heed to your search rank consequently. To know the website speed you can always use, reliable tools like GT Metrix and Pingdom. They are free tools.

  1. Create relevant and quality content

Do you refresh your website content?

If you have never made any updates since the time the website was live, perhaps you don’t enjoy a great SEO rank, presently.

To fetch maximum traffic to your website and boost its popularity, you ought to attract the traffic that entices them to come back again.

The content on your website must be relevant, informative and unique.

Another point that holds important from the SEO ranking perspective is ‘dwell time’. This refers to the users’ time spent on your website based on each visit. It is simple that websites that show up with informative content records increased dwell times.

Here’s another aspect to be taken into account.

Google Chrome influences almost 47% browser market share and it is the most used browser globally. It was the maximum downloaded browser of last year.

  1. Image optimization

Relevant images and icons are very beneficial for your website. But you have to optimize them to get the best results in terms of ranking.

Optimization means justifying the file format and size. Bigger images can decrease the page speed and as mentioned above, this hampers the ranking. So you have to put the right sized image file by optimizing them and putting the relatable keywords in a few of them can be effective.

For example, you are a cosmetic brand and you offer fairness cream and other beauty products. In place of adding a title to the images as cream1, cream2, you can name it as “fairness cream for oily skin.”

  1. Format your content by using header tags

Headers are yet one more factor that can enhance the user experience. So divide your content into simple headers and make it simpler to understand even at a glance. Additionally, headers make the content more enticing to the readers, which in turn improves engagement.

If your website is simply a dump of text with no formatting, it will be monotonous for the readers to continue for longer.

Again this can be a reason for the low ranking.

  1. Add blog to your website

Blogging can be a great tool for improving your business as it can help with lead generation and visitor engagement.

But like many of them, if you don’t realize, blogging can improve SEO rankings too.

Know why      

As we have already mentioned earlier, creating fresh content can bring more potential relevant traffic and it is a great reason for them to stay on the pages.

You can simply make a good number of loyal readers, and ensure huge traffic to your website on a regular basis.

  1. Create outbound links


There are a few points that can be used to improve the reliability of your website.

The links should be from authoritative and relevant websites. You can also implement internal links as these can lead visitors to your website.

  1. Only text is not enough

The content of your website should not be restricted to text only. Images are always a game changer, improving the user experience. Considering the fast-paced world, adding multimedia contents like videos, animations, and slideshows can help the visitors to understand what you provide in the best way. As it’s less time taking and attractive too.

The bounce rate will be reduced as visitors will stay on your website to watch the video impacting the SEO ranking for better.