Let’s face it, the sole intention of any online business marketer or owner is to generate leads. We can say it is conversion and revenue generation, which are the bottom line of any digital marketing campaign. But the approach matters the most.

While the Global Digital Overview 2017 reports imply that more than half of the people in the world access internet for getting connected globally. The market is extraordinarily large and has an unimaginably larger opportunity. Enticing fraction of this extremely vast market you can increase your customer base remarkably which will result in leads and greater profits for your business, products or services.

In the year 2016, approximately 1.61 billion people around the globe purchased goods online and the sales amount ranged from 1.9 trillion U.S. dollars which are estimated to 4.06 trillion U.S. dollars by 2019

Naturally, we know that the competition is skyrocketing with some of the new names emerging in the online arena with every passing day. To be class apart or thrive in your own domain you need a strong strategy that can result in better revenue generation. So here are 5 of the effective and highly recommended techniques:

There different tools that businesses can use but it is crucial to know which tool will support the lead generation and match your innovative business needs and the environment.


Pay attention to website optimization for leads

Your website or the landing page is the hub for conducting online businesses and is the place where you can expect the most of the transaction to initiate. A report given by LinkedIn B2B technology community refers that more than 800 B2B marketers opine that website optimization is most significant in obtaining better leads.

IF any website has not been updated for past few months, you can’t expect good returns. It is simple like we keep updated with the industry information to surpass the competition, websites also need to be updated. Some of the recommended practices regarding this approach are:

  • Improve the user experience with simple navigation design
  • Customized and relevant help the customers to take the decision and culminate in relevant action
  • Abide by all inbound strategies like always implement a call to action (CTA) that encourages your target audiences to go for a buy, or inter-linked architectural layout, to increase the customer engagement.
  • Help your prospective clients with their budgets by making pricing schemes simpler with a proper categorization of products at par with the price range.
  • Easy and fast access to leads can be done with simple and short form in the sidebars or in the main content


Put special emphasis on SEO for Online leads

Search engine optimization is one of the main sources to get leads also says a report of State of Digital Marketing. Further, it provides that SEO has 57.4% impact on lead generation in B2B while in the case of B2C it is 41%.

Customizing SEO for more leads, specifically through organic web searches that customers use on daily basis is a potential factor. Top ranking in the search ensures better visibility of your website, making room for leads in the process. There is one factor that has to be taken into account is the content as it’s the backbone of the site optimization.


Create proper PPC Ads

Pay-per-Click ads are not just about running well for the businesses but also targeted on generating great output in the least possible time for any business. It helps the business to enjoy a good number of relevant traffic and maximum lead generation.


Therefore, we suggest that if your business is new in the digital world, then PPC would be your best launching point for quick results in the shortest possible time. But no matter what you do while planning your PPC campaign, if it’s not mobile compatible and it is of no good.Having great results in terms of conversions and visibility, most experts are increasing their PPC budget to run their PPC campaigns more effectively.


According to a recent eMarketer report 2016-2019), Google-owned 75.8 percent of the search market in 2016. That figure is expected to increase this year and reach 80 percent by 2018 as competitors struggle to find ways to compete with Google’s dominance and expertise in mobile search. In short, Google Adwords still stands at the forefront of PPC advertising as it generates much-needed leads for new businesses and digital marketers will continue to use this as a tool to support their efforts for their goal.


Use Social Media for Great Online Lead Generation

If you believe social media is irrelevant for generating leads, you are completely lost! Social Media and business promotion go hand in hand with generating potential leads and conversions. With the ever-increasing count, there are over 1.8 billion social media users and all of them are present on two social media platforms at a time. So if your business is getting visible on anyone, you are getting probable leads from other channels through friends of friends, shares, and likes.


Strategize Strong Email Marketing Campaigns

If you believe email marketing is old-fashioned, think again! It is one of the most effective ways to reach your target audience at their convenience. Undoubtedly, email is an old marketing tool but many still use it heavily on a daily basis. Moreover, it is one of the most used tools for communication and global exchange.

Today, lead generation and conversion are at the heart of business’ marketing and sales and applies to both, online and offline methods of generating prospects that are more likely to convert visitors into paying customers. There is no one way of putting online lead generation strategy, but making use of some of the above discussed time proven and result driven ways for lead generation will put your business at the forefront of making process and generating favorable results from your digital marketing activities.