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Convert more through Email marketing

I’ll bet your first idea is spam – the old buy a list of 100,000 names, send out your offer, and if you’re lucky to get one person to buy, resulting in negative profit and possibly having your web host shut down your connection due to complaints or bandwidth usage.

Welcome to the future. Email marketing techniques is a respectable and lucrative way of promoting your products.

You’ve all heard that “the listing is golden.” Your email advertising list that you took to obtain information and offering quality products is money that is waiting to be sent to you. You used the method, gathered names one at a time, and finally have an email list. But how do you turn this list? All you’ve got to do is ask.

If you put together a well thought out, consistent, unobtrusive email marketing campaign, you’ll be able to add to your list in addition to profit from your list for years to come.

To manage your email list and also to organize your promotions, you will want to use an email service like Aweber or get a response. These (you can search for others online) help you arrange your system, provide a high proportion of deliverables and add professionalism to your site.

One key item to remember is since this support is an automated email delivery system it’s a small hand away, so you need to be keenly aware of what you’re setting up, so you don’t lose readers.

Never send three email offers to a single person in a day. Never send three or more offers to an individual in a week.

I subscribed to a free newsletter, and that’s exactly what happened to me – even though they had some excellent products I couldn’t unsubscribe quickly enough. My box was bursting every time I checked it. Even if you are sending good quality free things, you need to whoa (NASCAR term) up the procedure.

Sending free stuff once every 1-2 weeks to keep the relationship, and provides once per month would be fair. Once you start the process as required to fit target market and your email list you may track the results, and alter your marketing technique.

The following seven methods of converting more sales through email marketing.

Here they are:

#1 – One Time Offers (OTO)

A “one-time supply” is a means of convincing your customer to buy on the premise that this is a unique offer – usually discounted and including excellent bonuses – that will NEVER come their way again. If they don’t get this time, they won’t get the opportunity to again. Ever.

An OTO is usually presented during the sales process. They press the buy button and either just before or just after they finish the sale they are redirected to another page that offers them upsell or a product or anything at a one time only offer.

#2 – Get Testimonials and Feedback

Internet Marketing is all about sales – but email advertising is not all about selling – it is a communication device between you and your clients and subscribers.

New customers are always wary of purchasing from you if they’ve not done so before. Who wouldn’t think twice about giving their credit card number to someone they’ve not dealt with before?

A good way to gain their trust is to place testimonials from satisfied customers on the page where your client is considering a click on the “Buy Now” button.

Chances are you gave your contributor something free just for subscribing to your opt-in list. It could have been an email program, a report, a set of articles or software that was useful. Simply send an email once they’ve had the time to read or use your giveaway. If they send a reply stating that they enjoyed your product and why you have a testimonial. Email them back and ask if you may use their comments on your website or in emails to customers.

#3 – Offering Someone Else’s Product

If you have your products to sell, then great – but what happens when you need to follow up with another product on the same topic but you do not have one?

The answer is easy – use someone else’s.

Promoting someone else’s product as an affiliate or via a joint venture is a really good way of generating a heightened per-subscriber dollar income yield from your list.

#4 – Cross Promote Another List

One way to maximize your earnings reach and to promote your lists is by sharing your readers between your different lists.

Here’s an example – if someone opts into my list and buys my product there’s a good chance they’ll be interested in my affiliated ‘affiliate marketing’ product also (because both methods go hand in hand).

So what do I do?

I Invite them to join my new list for product “x” – remember and earnings emails I’m providing them with quality articles and freebies too.

Maybe not all of them will crossover, but a number of them will be interested enough to do it. And right there you have another source of income.

#5 – Write Articles for Others to Promote

I’m confident you know all about the benefits from writing articles about your products and submitting them to sites such as EzineArticles. There is another method.

This simple technique to attract affiliates is used with amazing success all over the Internеt. Wrіtе аn аrtісlе, lеt реорlе рublіsh іt on their website or newsletter, and give them their affiliate link for your site. It’s a subtle method of getting people to join your affiliate program, without needing to constantly preach, “join my app, join my program.”

That same article can be turned into an email program. Host it. Offer the affiliate the opportunity to add a subscription form with their affiliate ID embedded in the form. Make the email course “rebrandable” with their affiliate ID.

#6 – Offer a Trial Download

A terrific way to introduce a product to your readers, whether it’s your product or an affiliate one, is using a trial offer.

Look for trial supplies by searching on Google or Clickbank, ideally, they should offer affiliate payments that come in monthly when the individual has subscribed as a full member after the trial period.

Obviously, they should be associated with your list.

And if you give them the link to the trial offer AFTER they’ve subscribed to your listing, you’ll have them on board anyway and can start pushing them through your follow-up message sequence.

#7 – Link to Your Other Sites

In the regular collection of tasks to either start or finish, it can easily be forgotten to exchange links with your other websites.

You can do this two ways. Either list your websites in the footer of each email that you send out, or cite pages.

When the topic you are promoting to your list is related to the subject of the list, you are keeping the reader interested in what you’re promoting. This strengthens the connection you have the perceived value of their membership on your list.

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